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The Philosophy of Punk : More Than Noise !

Craig O’Hara

(XIX - Philosophie (Classement à revoir)) --> étagère V — Art : théorie

Why Punk : Background comparisons with previous art movements ; some defining characteristics of punk.
Media Misrepresentations : How television, glossy magazines, and mindless mass media have done their best to defang the beast.
Skinheads : Who they are, where they’re from and do they have to do with punk anyway.
Intra-Movement Communication : Fanzines-communcation from the Xerox machine to the underground.
Anarchism : An alternative to existing systems. What it is and why it is embraced by punks all over the world. The failure of "bought and paid for" politicians has ensured a counterculture receptive to the idea that we would be better off without these vampires.
Gender Issues : Sexism, feminism and open homosexuality.
Environmentalism and Ecological Concerns : The ideas and techniques of Earth First, ALF, and others have found a comfortable home in the punk scene.
Straight Edge : A movement that went from being a minor threat to a convervative, conformist no threat.

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